Tissue paper dispersity tester

Tissue paper dispersity tester

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Name:Tissue paper dispersity tester


PN-DPT toilet paper dispersity tester is developed according to the latest national standard GB / T 20810 for toilet paper.

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     PN-DPT toilet paper dispersity tester is developed according to the latest national standard GB / T 20810 for toilet paper. Mainly used in roll toilet paper, flat toilet paper, disc toilet paper and other products. The dispersibility of toilet paper refers to the property that it can turn into floc in water. If the dispersibility of toilet paper is poor, it will cause the toilet to be blocked. The toilet paper dispersibility tester is mainly composed of a plum tube, a rotor, a motor, and a gas flow meter.
    Take one roll (bag or tray), and take two 100mm × 100mm samples (finished product layer). Fill the plum tube with tap water and set the rotor speed to 350r / min. After the vortex in the tube is stable, the height from the water surface to the bottom of the vortex is about one-third of the total height of the water surface in the tube. Set the experiment time. Place in the center of the vortex in the cylinder. Turn off the motor after 40 seconds and stop ventilation. Observe whether the pattern in the tube is scattered. If one or more pieces of debris are present, it is judged that the dispersibility of the pattern is qualified, otherwise it is judged as unqualified.
    The instrument has the characteristics of convenient operation, accurate timing, low noise, non-pollution, stable performance, economical and durable, and is widely used in laboratory of toilet paper and sanitary products manufacturers, quality inspection units, quality supervision departments, colleges and universities.

Technical parameter

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 100W
Sample size: 100mm × 100mm;
Torx tube capacity: 5L;
Rotor speed: 200-350r / min;
Test time: 1 ~ 9999s;
Air source pressure: 0.4 ± 0.02Mpa
Air source flow: 10 ± 0.5L / min
Dimensions: 550mm × 340mm × 630mm
Net weight: about 20kg.

Product features

Touch screen display Chinese and English menu man-machine dialogue mode microcomputer control simple operation economical and durable;
High-speed DC motor digital speed setting;
The pressure regulating valve regulates the air pressure and the gas flow meter regulates the gas flow;
Water inlet time can be set automatic water inlet for easy operation.

National standard

GB/T 20810-2018 

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