Score Quality Tester

Score Quality Tester

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Name:Score Quality Tester


PN-SQT50F Score Quality tester is a corrugated board indentation strength tester developed by our company according to the latest standard Tappi T829

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   PN-SQT50F Score Quality tester is a corrugated board indentation strength tester developed by our company according to the latest standard Tappi T829. It is mainly used for single and double corrugated cardboard, and can also be used for three corrugated cardboard, but it’s accuracy will be not so good. The quality of corrugated cardboard boxes is evaluated by comparing the pressure that non-scored sample and scored sample can be withstood, such as effective assembly and sealing of corrugated cardboard boxes.
    The problem of the indentation on the automatic packaging line is that if it is shallow , then the box cannot be formed, and the box cover is easy to jam the machine. In addition, if the automatic packaging box is a glue-type sealing box, the score not adequate, the rebound force cause glue open, and the box cover pop up.
    The tester is a mechatronics product. It adopts modern mechanical design concepts and ergonomic design principles, with advanced high-speed ARM processors. It is a novel design, easy to use, excellent performance, and elegant.

Technical parameter

Power supply: AC100~240V  2A  50/60Hz
Indicator error:±1%
Indicator variable:<1%
Resolution: 0.1 N
Measuring Range:(5 ~ 500)N
Test specimens: width≥25.4mm length≥60mm
Deformation error: ≤ ±1 mm
Stroke length:(20 ~ 350)mm
Test speed: 48 mm/min((1~500)mm/min can set)
Return speed:(5 ~ 500) mm/min
Display: 5” color touch Screen
Printer: Thermal printer
Data output: RS232(Standard) / USB(Optional)
Work condition: Temperature(20  ±  10 )°C  Humidity< 85%
Dimension: (495 × 355 × 925 ) mm(L×W×H)
Net weight:  About 53kg.

Product features

Adopt new module circuit design with WIFI  function. After networking test results can be saved to the cloud server and query and generate reports through the dedicated QMS quality management system;
Adopt vertical structure U-shaped bracket at the lower end place the sample on it and apply pressure to the sample on the U-shaped bracket by the pressure at the upper end;
Two test modes: 12.7mm and 90 °;
With over-range alarm function;
Real-time display of force value and deformation curve;
Set the number of samples the number of samples is even the first half is the scored sample and the second half is the sample without socre;
With statistical function display average maximum minimum standard deviation and coefficient of variation;
It can be connected with computer software (computer software is purchased separately) with the function of real-time display of compression curve and data analysis management saving printing and other functions. 

National standard

Tappi T829

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